chef demonstration cooking class


Cooking lesson with Chef Shelley Pogue. This is a Chef Demonstration Class: It is an observation class, participants watch while the chef explains and shows recipe preparation and cooking techniques. Sample portions of prepared items will be available to guests participating in this class. (Open Bar is available for this option)


  • Cooking lesson by Chef

  • Sample Portions of items cooked during class

  • A pitcher of Margaritas supplied during Chef for class participants


hands on cooking class


Cooking lesson with Chef Shelley Pogue with a hands-on experience, you’ll learn about classic and innovative cooking techniques, global flavors and emerging trends. Delicious food will be produced in the process, and you and your family or housemates will receive a taste of everything that is made.

The difference is Hands On: are full participation classes. Guests will take part in practicing techniques and preparing the menu items, and will eat the meal prepared at the end.


  • Cooking lesson by Chef

  • A pitcher of Margaritas supplied by Chef for class participants

  • Sample Portions or Meal service depending on selection of class


cocktail happy hour


We will offer bar services and a cocktail happy hour to our guests, depending on the types of services they desire. We will offer an open bar during the time of their stay during the late afternoon hour in anticipation of our dinner course


  • The bar is open for happy hour for guests

  • From 3PM to 5PM

  • Pricing available for cooking class option


special occasion OR

celebration packages


Enter your room with fresh cut flowers and a chilled bottle of Sparkling Rosé, Prosecco or Brut Champagne will await you. Want a bottle of wine with a specialty cheese tray or a mini birthday cake awaiting your arrival . What better way to celebrate with that special someone?


  • Romance Package

  • Birthday Celebration Package

  • Wine and Cheese Tray