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established in 2019

We came to Isla Mujeres like most people looking for and expecting a relaxing vacation. We indeed found that, and we also found it hard to leave. We searched for property for a couple years and there was not much available. However, we found two lots that the locals called “The Jungle lots” it took a while to see the vision. Some of our friends who have property on the island said that this would be a great place for us to put down roots on this tropical paradise, so we decided to go for it.

Susan is from New Jersey and graduated from UCONN and had worked for several years in the bar& restaurant industry and then pursued pharmaceuticals after college. She has been working in the restaurant industry for the past 4 years as Managing Partner/Owner of Farm to Fork in Leander TX. Sue has traveled the world and been many places and understands both sides of vacation travel experiences, and the service industry. Which is a great combination of expertise to ensure the experience we want to offer at Casa de Jardin.

Shelley is from Texas and is a US Army Veteran served in Germany for 2 years. Shelley graduated Le Cordon Bleu back in 2006. Shelley worked for VSM Brands as a corporate research and development chef of recipes for that are used for large retail warehouse stores, she then became a successful chef/restaurant owner of a little place called Farm to Fork in Leander, Texas (North of Austin). She is wanting to create and offer a more personalized service in a more relaxed atmosphere to create the perfect Foodie Vacation Experience.

Together we have over 20 years of bar and restaurant/hospitality background.  We want to offer a relaxing vacation for our guests who come to our bed and breakfast. We love to talk about Isla Mujeres: places to visit, special points of interest, excellent places for dinner and do's and dont's while in Isla Mujeres! We do take time at check in and make sure you feel at home. It's your time off, so feel comfortable, relax and enjoy!

We look forward to your stay.

Susan & Shelley