Travel Tips for Visiting Isla Mujeres

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I didn’t know all of the ins and outs when I started traveling to Isla Mujeres. I have learned some travel tips over time that should be helpful to others for their vacation adventure. I hope this information will help make the most out of your vacation when you visit this awesome place.

  • Reef-Safe Sunscreen: One of the best Isla Mujeres attractions is its beautiful coral reef! Help preserve that reef by wearing reef-safe biodegradable sunscreen when you go swimming or snorkeling. Regular sunscreen is harmful for the ocean and the critters who call it home, but reef-safe sunscreen is specifically developed to be ocean friendly.

  • Beach Cover-ups: If you need sunscreen you will probably need to bring a cover-up of some kind. The sun is very intense and if you are fair skinned, be fair warned you will burn! I love to wear a long sleeve swim shirt it helps with sunscreen to make sure I am protected. You don’t want to ruin your vacation and be miserable for lack of preparation on these first two travel tips. I have been there and done that and it ruined a 7 day vacation on another island trip.

  • Hot Climate Friendly Fabric It is very humid all the time on Isla and you don’t want to have fabric that clings to your body that makes you feel the heat. Not all fabrics are created equal when it comes to hot weather climates. Some fabrics will let your skin breathe even if you’re sweating, or help you regulate your body temperature to stay cooler naturally. Look for light-colored clothing made from cotton natural fibers that are better at temperature regulation!

  • Snorkel Mask & Fins Traveling to a destination like Isla Mujeres where there are great coral reefs for those who like to snorkel. I would say bring your own snorkel gear you will have saved money on the rental and you won’t swap spit with the last person that used the snorkel. I know you can use chemicals to sanitize but if you are a germ-a-phobe then you know what I mean. Plus you will have had them fitted to meet your specific needs and not what is available just to get you outfitted.

  • Water Shoes: I like to collect sea glass and walk the beach so I think that this is a must to protect my feet. If you ware walking on the beach of the East side of the island the beaches are more of a rock surface and they are sharp in some places. Sandals as in Tevas or slip on’s are good, flip flops can be dangerous and slip off when wet. Protect yourself and have fun on your beach adventure and please share with us the sea glass finds.

  • Dry Bag Don’t set foot on a boat without putting your stuff in a dry bag, just in case a wave comes over the side and soaks your phone or camera. There are some water bags that roll down and actually float if they go overboard as well so you can retrieve your electronics or cash.

  • Dramamine or Motion Sickness Remedies If you’re prone to motion sickness, it’s best to bring a few along just in case, or the scopolamine patch from your doc, and of course the pharmacia on the island. I have always taken precautions before, and during on my fishing excursions or whale shark tours. I am not always prone to seasickness but have felt nauseous so I take precautions not to ruin my or others experience.

  • Insect Repellent Bring whatever you choose but make sure it has some deet in it to protect you. I am from Texas where everything is usually bigger but the mosquitoes and biting insects on Isla Mujeres do not mess around.

  • Anti-Diarrhea or Indigestion Medication They do have supplies on the island if you need them and I have been there a couple times. It is always best you bring your own you never know when you will have an issue and it is late and the pharmacia is closed. That is no bueno!

  • Peso’s Bring peso’s you can get them at your bank. You can convert your currency on the island at the ferry dock on Isla Mujeres or at Elektra. You can pay in US Dollars but the exchange rate isn’t good in most places. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, or this case we are in Mexico…

  • Tipping the Local People We are visitors on their island, and they do not make very much money and in most cases survive off of the tips that day trippers or vacationers provide. It is suggested that you tip 15-20%. It was advice to me that anything of service that it isn’t mandatory but that it was encouraged, and they are very grateful.

These are just some of the travel tips that I think will be helpful when you come to visit. I am sure I have left off a few that might be handy for some, and some of these are redundant for the more experienced traveler.