My Favorite Breakfasts Picks on Isla Mujeres, MX

Breakfast is “the” meal to start your day and when on vacation in Isla Mujeres, Mexico I like to get started at one of my favorite places on the island at Mangoes Cafe. They have some of the best coffee on the island, and the information I was given, is they add some cinnamon to their coffee. It is supre delicious to say the least. They offer many items but the eggs benedict and macadamia nut french toast which are my favorites when visiting Mangoes. The eggs benedict has a very light curry flavor to the hollandaise that I crave when back in Texas. I have asked Polo for the recipe and he just gives me the million dollar smile, and then the subject changes. I am a chef and have tried to duplicate the recipe, I am very close but not the same probably we are using different curry powders. They have expanded the place to second floor seating due to the customer demand, you might have a little wait depending on the season and time of day you go. It is worth the wait.

Another favorite is North Garden located down on the North side of the island by Playa Norte across from Seahawk Divers. They also have a delicious breakfast menu with good coffee, mimosas, and their eggs benedict is also fabulous. They are also open for lunch and dinner make sure you remember that they are closed on Tuesday of you will be sadly disappointed!

There are many options on the island for breakfast and the food on Isla Mujeres is fantastic overall these places are just my favorites. I am a creature of habit so these are my go to’s they definitely get 2 thumbs up for me personally. I just wanted to share my favorite places with anyone wanting breakfast suggestions when visiting Isla Mujeres. If you have other breakfast options you think are great as well please let me know I want to try more places in the future. Enjoy!

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