Planning a trip to La Casa de Jardín Isla Mujeres, Mexico?


We have been getting many questions from our friends on our Bed & Breakfast on Isla Mujeres, how to get there, what to do etc.  Here are some informative tips you might want to know when booking your trip to come visit. A nice relaxing Vacation is something we all look forward to and we want to help our friends and guests get the most out of  their time with us. Here are some of our suggestions of activities during your staycation.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico:


Isla Mujeres is a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, located 13 kilometers or “8 miles for us Gringos, (Jimmy Carter) can be thanked for that” off the coast of Cancun. It attracts thousands of visitors year round. Whale Shark tours, Sport Fishing and Turtle’s are just some of the interests that people visit the island for.

Playa Norte aka North Beach is an awesome vacation destination of one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico known for snorkeling and scuba diving on the surrounding coral reefs. With its crystal clear blue waters, white sand beaches and bohemian atmosphere it is a tranquil paradise.

Isla Mujeres has the status of Pueblo Magicos meaning the Government created the Pueblos Mágicos program to recognize places across the Mexico that imbue certain characteristics that make them unique, historically significant, with great traditions, and offer magical experiences to its visitors.

I have been asked How do I get to Isla Mujeres?

From the Cancun Airport it is about a 30 minutes taxi, or shuttle transfer to the ferry boats at Puerto Juarez and the island of Isla Mujeres is a short 20 minutes from Puerto Juarez. They have music on board and offer snacks and cerveza. When you book with us we can arrange your transfer from the airport to the ferry if you wish, let us know when making arrangements we will need your date and flight information to set that up for you.


Here you will find the Ultramar ferry schedule if you want to do a day trip to Cancun for any reason.

When arriving on the island you will see the clear blue waters and the Playa Sol beach and some partial views of the Playa Norte beach area. Seeing the beach makes you want to go, but with bags in tow makes it difficult. You will want to grab a taxi, or a golf cart to  take your bags to the Casa and then venture out to one of the pools, or beach, or one of the island bars like the Soggy Peso.They have really good crispy taco’s on Friday and you only need a couple of Margarita’s they are really strong. Sue likes their painkillers, I think they are too sweet. We can also have your beverages on site if you decide on one of our adult beverage packages available.

Enjoy the views at Punta Sur

Enjoy the scenery at the most Southern tip of Isla Mujeres which is also the most Eastern point in Mexico and about 18 meters above the sea level. Watching the sunrise from Punta Sur is one of the best things to do in Isla Mujeres the views are really amazing.

The Punta Sur Mayan Temple dedicated to goddess Ixchel sits dramatically over cliffs making it for an unforgettable view. The crystal clear turquoise waters, rocky cliffs and ancient temple make this place one of the most spectacular places on the island. There are some small shops you can visit afterwards, and the Acantilado restaurant for a refreshing cocktail or snack, or meal if you prefer.

Punta Sur 1.jpg

Best time to visit the island – Isla Mujeres weather

January through April is considered the best weather with little to no rain and an average high of 29 Celcius (84 degrees Fahrenheit). May through to September are the rainiest months with the highest humidity

The official hurricane season runs from June until November but the most active months for hurricanes on Isla Mujeres are September and October.

November is the beginning of “Norte” season, where cold fronts with strong winds from the north hit the island and usually last for few days.

Isla Mujeres Whale Sharks Season

Many tourists flock the island during the whale shark season. We did this on July 4th, 2019 with our friend Jim Silver at Aqua Adventures and will definitely do it again. It was awesome!

July and August hundreds of whale sharks gather in the waters near Isla Mujeres to feed, with peak season in July and August are the most popular times to swim with the whale sharks on Isla Mujeres.


How to get around Isla Mujeres, Golf cart rental or Taxi’s in Isla Mujeres

The easiest way to get around the island is either by a taxi or a golf cart. Isla Mujeres is a pretty small island. You will find the Carribean Sea to the east coast of the island with strong surf and rocky shoreline and a Cancun skyline across the clear waters to the West.

If you are staying on the South side at La Casa de Jardin you will more than likely need a cart if you want to go to the North side for dinner, evening cocktails or hang out on North Beach. Or we will offer dinner packages if you want a peaceful stay without having to go anywhere.

It is straightforward to rent a golf cart on Isla Mujeres, and it is undoubtedly the best way to explore the island.

Beer tasting at local Island Brewery, Isla Brewing Co.

A great thing to do in Isla Mujeres when renting a golf cart is to stop at the Isla Brewery we know Jeff the owner he is a pretty cool guy, try some beer samples. You can just walk in and check it out they have merchandise that is pretty cool as well. They serve his beer at some of the local restaurants on the island.  Some are really nice and worth buying a bottle of and remember to not drink and drive there are laws on Isla Mujeres about driving under the influence just like in USA safety first.

Map of our location La Casa de Jardin on Isla Mujeres

La Casa Jardin Map.png

La Casa De Jardin Address on Google

Suggestion of things to do while in Isla Mujeres:

Zipline at Garrafon Park

If  you want to have an active day with your family, or a fun activity for couples time you can zipline, snorkel, kayak or enjoy a cocktail, Garrafon Park has it all. You can enjoy half or the whole day at the park the park offers several different packages to suit your needs. I am not really sure about the pricing you can look it up on line, I have walked the area but have not ziplined. I got to do somethings like that courtesy of Uncle Sam and do not think I would like doing that over water.

Isla Mujeres turtle farm (La Tortuga Granja)

Isla Mujeres is the hatching place for the giant sea turtles who lay their eggs on the island beaches from May through September. The eggs are gathered by volunteers and taken to  the Turtle Farm to keep them safe from predators.

Depending on the time of year, you can see hundreds of baby turtles in the outdoor holding tanks. The turtle farm releases the turtles into the sea between August and October. There is small entry fee at the entrance which also supports the project.

Have a drink at the Ice Bar

Ice Bar Isla Mujeres.png

Depending on the time of year you visit it can get quite warm due to the humidity. If you want to escape the heat for a minute in Mexico, the Ice Bar is a good cool down it offers a different experience. See how long you can stay in and try to break the record if you are competitive, isn’t great for people who wear glasses when you come

There is a nice beachfront bar/restaurant where you can relax and soak in the views, and  try the taco joint around the corner of the ice bar beach front. The lady makes them from scratch she has the best blue corn tortilla filled with roasted onion & poblanos, chicken and a corn crema tacos I have had besides my own. I however don’t make the blue corn masa tortillas. However she has awesome tacos, and if you want to have a few cocktails and enjoy the view on that side of the island for a bit. Tha is a cool place to go

Try Wing Diving 

I have not tried this activity yet but met a guy last trip that said it was awesome. I do plan on trying it will get back to you on this one.

Go on an Isla Mujeres snorkelling trip

There is plenty of snorkelling opportunities around the island and if you enjoy the whale shark tours you get the opportunity to do so afterwards while your captain and his mates prepare you fresh ceviche. There are several dive shops on the island we can hook you up with if this is of interest to you.

Like Sport Fishing?

We have used Sea Hawk and one off the main beach area. They were both great but I think we probably preferred Sea Hawk the best and will try others after we have relocated. They use a long flat boat called a “Panga” that seems to take the waves better to help with those that get ocean motion sickness. We plan on doing a little more research on business there because we want to network with them to clean the fish you catch so you can bring them back to the house and I will cook them for you and your guests.


Enjoy a romantic evening or sunset at Isla Mujeres Playa Norte Beach

After a full day of sightseeing and exploring the island, enjoy a late afternoon swim or an evening sunset at Playa Norte. There are few bars/ restaurants on the beach if you wish to grab a bite or have a beer. There are sunset cruises available if you desire.

Playa Norte Sunset 3.jpg

Nightlife or Shopping El Centro has it all.

El Centro is the heart of Isla Mujeres’ pristine beaches. This is a small island and it consists of small narrow streets packed with tourists, souvenir shops, bars, restaurants. It is good fun to walk around the bustling streets of El Centro for the experience, a little world on its own, try the street food!

The main street in El Centro and one of the places to see in Isla Mujeres is Avenida Miguel Hidalgo, it is the most popular street probably on the island other than the main drag on the way to Playa Norte.  This activity is where you will find most of the bars and restaurants that are “Touristy”, if you are into that sort of thing for nightlife activities. I would put on your list of things to do on Isla Mujeres it is pretty cool, most shops will tell you they have what you need, and some have AC and free tequila. You can knock out your gift buying here to be done with that.

Best Restaurants in Isla Mujeres:

Pork Belly Bowl at Madera Food & Art Bar

Pork Belly Bowl at Madera Food & Art Bar

Breakfast – Mangoes Cafe  I go for the eggs benedict and the coffee it is the best on the island in my opinion. North Garden they have a great breakfast too and lunch as well, or head to Avenida Guerrero and find the local market (Mercado Municipal) I get the migas and the banana milkshake here it is awesome. we go to the one closest to the street there are 4 under the same roof, if you venture to one of the others let us know how it was. The Mercado Municipal is just a couple minutes from Playa Norte. Here you can indulge on inexpensive fresh street food and it is close to Elektra if you want to send yourself peso’s which I strongly recommend. The line can be long but you need to use peso’s in Mexico.

Lunch – Madera Food & Art Bar. They have really, really good food with one of the best pork belly bowls I have had, they offer poke bowls and the burgers are really good too and nice beverage selection. The chef there is also a Le Cordon Bleu chef. BALLYHOO fish or shrimp taco’s, and the guacamole SO GOOD! Again North Garden has great shrimp taco’s and fresh salads that are out of this world.

Dinner: Favorite Places Below

Javi’s Cantina – If you want to head downtown close to Hidalgo for some night time adventure try out my friend Javi’s place, they usually have live music and the Isla Mule (Moscow Mule) is awesome! He always has a fresh catch fish menu item. Javi is a musician he sometimes plays at the restaurant, he is in healing mode right now after a motorcycle accident we hope to hear him play soon. His wife Marla is awesome too. You will dig the vibe here.

Limons – Sergio is a top notch chef that has one of the best steak I have had on the island. They just did a remodel on there patio and I can’t wait to see it finished. You need to make reservations when visiting so they can accommodate menu items like lobster when in season and for large parties. He uses 2 outdoor grills so you will get to see him prepare your steak, he will visit your table most of the time. He is a really cool guy if you get to chat that alone is worth a visit for me.

Rosa Sirena  Restaurant – Rooftop Palapa Bar features live music nightly, fine international dining, and craft cocktails under the rooftop palapa overlooking the Colonia — or in our romantic second story dining level. Excellent Surf & Turf option and the breeze is really nice, along with the music. The pozole soup is really awesome, the place is lovely. Got inspiration for our place with the tile blocks to use in our outdoor catering kitchen for air flow. Deb makes awesome desserts if you are going to spurge on vacation!

Check out Guadalupe Chapel

The Guadalupe Chapel is one of those places to visit in Isla Mujeres. The wall behind the altar is entirely made out of glass and that is what makes this church worth a stop the endless ocean views are pretty incredible. It is also across the street from Mangoe’s cafe so you could enjoy breakfast and then walk up to check it out.


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